Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Disney Stop-Motion Music Videos

Hey fans!

So when I said I would blog about Ariel that night... when was that? Well, I'm still not blogging about her yet. Patience!!!! I'm attempting to make it up to you by posting these two humble music videos of my screen captures from Sleeping Beauty and Snow White which I required for myself to prepare the initial Disney Princess entry!!!

Snow White...

Sleeping Beauty...

Gotta love my eclectic taste!!! Believe it or not I actually thought through carefully what to have as the background music - each is supposed to send a message!!! If you come up with one then yay! If not then have fun!!!!!!!!!!

And here is the first one I made again with My Cinderella Screen Captures
I am doing a million things... so make sure your heart is stable by the time I post my Ariel blog!!!! She will BLOW YOU AWAY!!!! [ Or should I say, I will. ;) ]

P.S. Koe Halifax just made a blog!!!!! A must for any poetry addict. My prescription: Take with coffee!!!!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the videos, u r way too patient. I respectfully disagree with the phrase "patience is a virtue," (I am just fine without it), however, in your case it seems to come in handy so I will allow it. I like the contrast in music choices! I'll brainstorm the hidden meanings...
    good job! can't wait for the ariel blog, keep at it!
    thanks for advertising for me!