Thursday, December 17, 2009



This is actually Relevant to my Disney Blog series because Disney Princesses have been accused of looking like Barbies, and this accusation has been put in a negative light.  Well.  One thing that definitely has caused this association (besides unrealistically thin waists, long legs, yada yada) to come about is the fact that Disney Princesses do not tend to have toes.  Their feet look a LOT like Barbie feet.  

We never see Snow White's bare feet; however they are certainly small and a Barbie might wear those shoes.  

Cinderella never has toes, not even in this close-up shot.  

This shot is good to show how ridiculously proportioned Sleeping Beauty is (the most Barbie-like), and also as you can see, no toes.  

Still no toes.  

Oh My God!!!!!  A moderate close-up in which Disney conceded into adding slits to indicate toes (but Barbies also have that!!!  Damn).  

I like to joke that toeless Disney Princesses are like the Witches in Roald Dahl's "Witches," who have no toes, just squarish feet, wear wigs, and kill children with spells haha.  

A Disney Princess with real toes!!!  Mostly obligatory because Ariel has just acquired a human bottom half so she would be curious as to her new anatomy.  She's naked besides the sea-shells, after all.  

AT ALL EVENTS, check out the Barbie Blog.  (

It is SO worth it and suprisingly relevant to my Disney Princess blog in that there is controversy as to the objectivism of women!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. - "The Little Mermaid" Blog tonight!  Get psyched.)


  1. is Kelsique doing a Barbie Blog series?

    i'm so funny. thanks for the support! xoxooo!

  2. Do Disney princesses have bellybuttons?

  3. Ariel and Jasmine certainly have bellybuttons, but that is because they are half-naked!!!! Just as we don't know if Snow White had toes since she always wore shoes, we don't know if Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or Belle had belly-buttons because they never showed midriff. As Bashful said in Snow White, "Do you have to wash where it doesn't show?"

  4. I'd like to mention that the belly buttons of both Ariel and Jasmine tend to be FRIGHTFULLY high up on their stomachs...I think this is in order to emphasize their skinniness, when their skinniness is important that is. We all know (Thanks to diligent research on Jo's part) that Ariel morphs a great deal, so I would assume her belly button changes position.

    I would also like to add that Jo's insights about Ariel having toes BECAUSE she just acquired her bottom half are particularly insightful in that Disney seems to be emphasizing the "UNnatural" elements of a Disney princess, i.e. WHEN a Disney princess has TOES of all things, she is not in her right state. She has created an addition for her self with which she was not originally endowed...

    ...of course, if one were to follow that concept all the way through, she would presumably loose her toes upon finally gaining permanent legs. I suppose her Prince will have to check after the marriage ceremony to see if she has become a "proper" Disney princess. Hmph.