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Jimmy Stewart's Ladies Part 1: Introduction - The Sexiest Man that EVER LIVED

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I am going to be writing a series called "Jimmy Stewart's Ladies." So far the movies I have in mind to cover: "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Shop Around the Corner," "Philadelphia Story," "It's a Wonderful Life," "Harvey," "Rear Window," and "Vertigo." I will be focusing on the leading women (not necessarily his romantic interests) opposite him in these movies, why I like them, what I find in them that merits discussion, yada yada.

I was inspired to make this series after I saw a Jimmy Stewart movie I had never seen before, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Loved it, of course!

I am a hard core Jimmy Stewart fan and will find it difficult not to only ooooh and awwwww over Jimmy Stewart, the man I love. Therefore I have composed this introductory part of the series, which introduces you to the man, to which the woman I will cover are all connected. He is my THEME.

This post is not much writing. Mostly pictures. The posts on the women, on the other hand, will be more analytical. This post is more to make my sentiments with reference to Jimmy Stewart clear to the reader.

A close reader might question my choice to call the series "Jimmy Stewart's Ladies," allowing for the man to be in the possessive, instead of, say, "Women Jimmy Stewart is Lucky to even be Close to" or "Women that Grace Movies that Happen to Have Jimmy Stewart in Them."

I did NOT for the following reasons:

1) Those Title Options are too Long.
2) All the Women have Jimmy Stewart in Common. I am also analyzing them with reference to Jimmy Stewart as well as Individuals. Why? Because that is how they are painted in the movie!
3) The-time-period-that's-how-it-was-then-that's-why-I-used-the-term-Lady-instead-of-woman-to-sound-nostalgic-culture typical reason.
4) Maybe I did it on purpose to draw your attention to the connotations such a title brings up, such as ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Jimmy Stewart was the highest army-ranking famous actor in history - until Reagan came along. Now he's second.

Jimmy Stewart Looking a Little Gay:

Older Jimmy Stewart, still smokin':

People who got close to looking like Jimmy Stewart Maybe:

This is a self-portrait of Young Picasso:

This is a Photograph of Youg Roald Dahl:
(P.S. I have been Roald Dahl's #1 fan ever since I can remember.)

I will now submit photos of each movie that I so far plan to cover, with him and the women that surround him in the movie (pretty much each one has multiple women, and several have multiple man for those women (not just Jimmy)).

I love how picture albums of famous actor stars being sexy with their various leading ladies always makes them look like man-sluts! XD

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Men - Jimmy Stewart, "Diz"
Women - Clarissa Saunders, Susan Paine

Shop Around the Corner
Men: Jimmy Stewart, Mr. Matuschek, "Mathias Popkin"
Women: Clara Novak, Mrs. Matuschek, "Dear Friend"
(this is someone else's collage but I very much admire it - wish it was larger!)

Philadelphia Story
Men: Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Another Not Famous Guy
Women: Miss Embrie (Ruth Hussey) , Katherine Hepburn

It's a Wonderful Life
Men: Jimmy Stewart, Sam Wainwright, Random Boring Prom Date
Women: Mary Bailey (Donna Reed), Violet Bick
why does she look unhappy and thus not as pretty? She is hurt because she thinks Jimmy does not care for her! Thankfully only minutes later this scene happens...

Men: Jimmy Stewart, Doctor Chumley, Doctor Sanderson, Judge Gaffney, Mr. Wilson
Women: Mrs. Chumley, Nurse Kelly, Veta Simmons (his sister), Myrtle Mae Simmons (his niece), another random nurse who gives baths - Unseen: Jimmy Stewart's Mother (Deceased)
(don't have a picture of Myrtle Mae yet)

Rear Window
Men: Jimmy Stewart, The Salesman, All Other Men in the World - Men who would Die to be with Grace Kelly
Women: Grace Kelly, The Salesman's Wife, Ms. Lonely Hearts, the Ballerina Eye-Candy
On the facebook quiz "what classic Hollywood actress are you?" I got "Grace Kelly" - more proof that I was born to co-star with Jimmy Stewart!

Not one of my favorite movies, but am going to cover it anyway
Men: Jimmy Stewart, the Crazy Woman's Husband
Women: The Crazy Woman

Jimmy Stewart with Women I'm not sure who they are or what Movie they're from:

Every sexy man is eventually cast in a role that requires he holds two guns in his hands, it seems.

James Stewart - the Ordinary Hero

I grew up with the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and thus that is how I was introduced to Jimmy Stewart. This is a clip from that movie and it is an excellent way to meet him. Reader, Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy Stewart, Reader.

More Man-slut Montage stuff!

I actually have NOT watched the entirety of this video; I am a bit of a purist and try to avoid watching clips of movies I have not seen. However, I did watch the opening clip and I loved it. So, enjoy, if you so choose. :D

Of course, there are a million fan music videos on youtube.

I need to make one of these, except with Jimmy Stewart

If you want to browse amongst good quality images, you should check this site out:
Jimmy Stewart Image Still Website

and JUST IN CASE you still have doubts about the relationship between Jimmy Stewart and Jo Bingo (myself):

Me and Jimmy:
We just go together. So Close, and Yet, So Very, Very Far.

So Long! Looking Forward to Future Posts on "Jimmy Stewart's Ladies,"
-Just Call Me Jo

P.S. STATEMENT OF THE ENTRY: Jimmy Stewart is the most talented, sexiest, and all around BEST man that ever lived and ever will live.
QUESTION OF THE ENTRY: What is your favorite Jimmy Stewart Movie?


  1. I know you KNOW I how I feel about Jimmy Stewart (I was born first, so I get him first. Simple logic) but I have to say: this is the sexiest blog entry of all time. I LOVE it!

  2. i love the 3rd army picture! and yes, he was looking a little gay hahaha

  3. I think it's only fair that you share Jimmy with me. I'm just as much of a fan as you are. I'm not bragging, but have you seen every single one of his movies? I have. And have you been to his museum in Indiana, Pa. I've been there twice and can't wait to go back again. Love him, love him, love him!