Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Helga Style

It's February 14th people. Who's day is this?

What do you think of when you think "Valentine's Day?" I'll tell you what I think of...


So, it is Valentine's Day - the fourteenth of February. This year I have concluded that the best way to celebrate is through a marathon of "Hey Arnold!" episodes, the theme being Helga and her deep secret love for Arnold.

I LOVE this show. The writing is AMAZING and so are the characters. But Helga might just be the best of all. She puts the awe in awesome. From her pink gigantic bow to her pink striped dress to her constant usage of her fists and the term "bucko" to her volumes and volumes of love poems dedicated to Arnold to her Arnold shrine. I LOVE Helga.

I have been watching "Hey Arnold!" episodes intermittently for the past few weeks, revisiting one of my favorite shows to watch when I was little. One consequence of this marathon is that I can recite the opening sequence by heart down to the tone of the scream when Brainy snatches the flashlight (which I also happen to know to be Helga's). The other consequence: re-appreciating the GENIUS that is the writing. The character of Helga is... wow.

I've picked these episodes with especial care - but since I have not watched every single episode yet (wouldn't you know it, I've only reached season 3), this may - and probably isn't - the only priceless Valentine-related episodes from this show. But, this is the collection I - and now, you - have for now.

This entry is another pure video extravaganza, with a Helga from "Hey Arnold" focus. Enjoy.

Since there is a 72 minute (followed by a 54 minute wait till the next 72 minute) time limit for Megavideo, I'm putting the most priceless videos in red type (Get it? Red, for Valentine's Day? Love? Heart? Blood? Something Like that). My favorite? "The Little Pink Book" - it's a classic - though "Helga's Boyfriend" and "Operation Ruthless" tie as second.

All the episodes are about 11 minutes long but every link contains two episodes. If I don't indicate for you to start on the second, then the episode I'm talking about is the first. Got it?

Hey Arnold: Operation Ruthless

Hey Arnold: The Little Pink Book

Hey Arnold: Helga's Makeover

Hey Arnold: Olga Comes Home

Hey Arnold: Arnold's Hat - Hilarious Early Episode of Helga's Love of Arnold

Hey Arnold: Rhonda's Glasses (start 12 minutes in) - It's not a Helga episode, but it is good for female body image and so on and so on - plus it's funny

Hey Arnold: Sixth Grade Girls - also not Helga, but hilarious when it comes to Girl Stereotypes

Hey Arnold: This is an adorable episode "Helga vs. Patty" - youtube no time limit yay!

Hey Arnold: Mother's Day stuff (roles of women yada yada) start 12 minutes in

Hey Arnold: What's Opera, Arnold? (start at 11:50)

Hey Arnold - Wheezin' Ed (start at 11:50) - One of Helga's many Attempts to get a minute alone with Arnold. Best Line: "How I long to share your reverie! And yet - and yet I can't get a dang blasted minute alone with him!"

Hey Arnold: Helga's Love Potion (Youtube Yay no time limit)

Hey Arnold: Helga Blabs it All (Youtube Yay no time limit)

Hey Arnold: Helga's Boyfriend

Hey Arnold: Arnold's Valentine (full video - 23 minute episode)

Hope your February 14th ends as well as mine will (I'm going to have a half-pound cheeseburger (swiss, medium-cooked) at the local pub, with Diet coke and a mound of crisp thin french fries with more ketchup than you can imagine - can't wait),

-Just Call Me Jo

P.S. You're Welcome.


  1. Hahahaha this show is hysterical!! Thanks for getting me back in touch with it