Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Wizard of Oz! Part 2


Okay, so I didn't post yesterday. Obviously making promises was not for me. Whenever I make them I break them. A rare and unfortunate curse.

AND, it's late and I need to go to bed. SO, no time for commentary of a detailed and informed obviously feminist nature. But, believe me, BELIEVE ME, I spent all freakin' day on the Wizard of Oz. Tomorrow's entry will pop your eyes out. But make sure to pop them back in again because you'll want to read my blog.

Actually, I really do intend to write as close to everyday as possible. I on purpose bought a Wizard of Oz Journal to begin writing on New Year's Day in honor of that most noble sentiment. I started writing in it as I said on New Year's Day - at 12:14 AM. First two sentences? "New Year's Day. Hopefully will post my Wizard of Oz blog entry before tomorrow!" Blpppfbpph. XD

(This one enlarges if you click it. Feel free to make it your desktop picture!)

The pages are nice and thick too.

Jealous much? Well, in case you're that jealous (which you should be), I got it at Barnes and Noble for $12.95. (If your eyesight is the magnitude of a stereotypical archetypal super power, you might have read it on that last image on the price sticker in the bottom right corner.)

Okay, so this entry will be strictly videos. Mine, others'. Food for thought. And more importantly: RELEVANT food for thought. Some of this information you could have found in the Wikipedia Production section of "Wizard of Oz (1939 Film)".

Casting Videos! Nice and informative, Nice and Short, just plain Nice.

And now, two videos I have made for fun that took a lot longer to make than they look - which is true for all good things, as we know. That is why bragging and complaining are completely unnecessary. Everyone knows it. But it's one thing to know it, and another thing to practice it.

(The Cowardly Lion one is new. Made today. That makes five youtube Wizard of Oz youtube videos of mine. FYI.)

Read up on this awesome guy: Meinhardt Raabe.

...If you can add, you will realize that I haven't shown you one of my youtube videos yet - I also plan to make at least one more tomorrow. I am ALSO aware that this is a blog and it is supposed to be somewhat cerebral - at least that's how I want it - so the next entry will be deliciously delectably delightfully more wordy! Yum!

And some videos of the actors in Wizard of Oz I like very much!

The first video, that, according to the movie "That's Entertainment!" (which I recommend - I first discovered it at my Grandparents' house by the beach), that convinced MGM that Judy Garland was SOMETHING ELSE. The other girl just became a singer, nothing big :(

My favorite video ever ever ever that makes me want to live and breathe - ironically one of the last takes she did before her suicide. She was in her thirties I believe. IF YOU HAVE NO TIME TO WATCH ANY OF THE OTHER VIDEOS I SUGGEST YOU WATCH THIS IT IS LESS THAN THREE MINUTES!!!!!!

Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow": Unfortunately not embeddable (cool word I just made up) for copyright reasons I suppose. But worth the one click it takes on my link. Worth much more than that actually.

But wait! There's more! You may notice that for your convenience I have listed these thousand videos from most to least relevant. I think.

Okay so now, bed for me. I promise that on the morrow you will be more privy to the pratterings and bemusings of my mind concerning feminist issues and interesting tidbits and general insight - on the Wizard of Oz. (Be prepared for more run-on sentence, verbose sentences like that.)

-Just call me Jo

P.S. Today I decided also to re-watch and re-obsess for review's sake - it had been a couple days since my obsessive 2-week-at-least marathon. The number of Pages in My NEW journal that I wrote? Guess. Guess. Just try. Just Try. (This was just today understand. I have notes from previous days) ... SIXTEEN. (So much for the no bragging thing!)


  1. An interesting little tid bit- you an pick up from the clip you posted where Judy's character is obsessed with Clark Gable that she is..dun dun DUN...LEFT HANDED! Oh yea.

    Another sterling entry miss Jo. I looked her up on Wikipedia- it seems her death was officially accidental. The terrible combination of a gradual overdose (i.e. not all at once) and a chronic far-developed liver disease that has no cure is what did it apparently. The drugs taken, the article suggests, were part of a long list of drugs to which she was addicted and originally BEGAN taking because the industry told her to do so in order to lose weight! How's THAT for a bit of feminist/body image controversy! I'm simply appalled. But I assume you already read that Wiki entry. I'm probably repeating "yourself".


  2. that's so cool how you found the casting videos! can't wait for the next installment ;]