Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Feminist Collages!

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Been watching and re-watching Julia and Julia for blogging moral support:

(Hopefully you can click on each image and it will enlarge for you. I am not yet technically savvy so I'm crossing my fingers that this works!)

I am a tight-ass. At least I can be very often. I get stressed out easily. How do I fix this? Well, for the last couple of years one of my techniques for de-stressing has been to make collages digitally on the computer from images, scanned or on the internet. In fact often when I had several tests/ essays/ exams, I would get the "deer in headlights" reaction - I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING academic. I'd freeze. The way I fixed this was by making a collage - a bridge from nothing to construction - so that I'd eventually return to my functional self.

So I thought I'd share some of my best female/ feminist/ gender role relevant collages with you. Peruse and Ponder!

This I did in May 2009 for brainstorming for a girl character in my as of yet unfinished Novella.

I love this movie. Look at this link to wikipedia: "But I'm a Cheerleader." Rent it. It is adorable and suprisingly well written. Topic Explored: Homosexuality. Made this to convince my sister to watch it. She's very lazy so she still hasn't watched it. All the worse for her. CHECK IT OUT!

Topic to think about: What makes a Hero. These happen to be some of my heros.
(In my hero collage: George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Bruce Lee, Beethoven? (I don't even remember I made this almost three years ago! All those portraits look the same!), Jimmy Stewart, Satchel Paige, Jacqueline Du Pre, Bach?) - my top two heros? Helen Keller and George Washington Carver. ALTHOUGH my favorite person/ writer would have to be Roald Dahl.

Cute movie! Sandra Bullock plays this character nicely - very compelling if very light. Topic: What is Womanly?

Most of these images are from an amazing edition of "Snow White." Check out her wiki page. All of them are illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman. If you have facebook, become a fan on her page. She is a genius. Also, just google image her. She is the MAN. (ooooo gender stereotypes!)

I love Toulouse Lautrec almost as much as he loved his prostitutes that he painted. Find out more. Look him up! Read this link of his bio. (It also includes a selection of images. Thankyou, web museum!) - Notice the (at least) 3 lesbian paintings. Lautrec has such a talent for communicating gentle bodily affection!

I am obsessed with Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Mermaid." (Press the link to read it yourself! Just for the writing alone...) The writing on the right side of the image is a quote from it that I find compelling concerning life and death and such. (His Mermiads turn to foam when they die, and have no afterlife.)

Kate Winslet being the stunning self-centered emotional yet intelligent and feeling teenager in the 1995 adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Helena Bonham Carter's "Room with a View."

Helena Bonham Carter's "Room With a View."

There are definitely tons of gender-related subjects in this book. Read it. It is by E.M. Forster.
Where did I find such high-quality screen captures? A gigantic Helena Bonham-Carter fan website. Seriously consider following it. This is the URL for the exact screen-capture page though: SCREEN CAPS

On a still slightly related note, here is the 2nd trailer for Tim Burton's Upcoming "Alice in Wonderland" which has some very cool Helena Bonham-Carter moments!

Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday"!

Audrey Hepburn's "Roman Holiday!"
Topic Explored: The Control a Princess has over her life

Modigliani. One of my mom's favorite painters and I certainly like him too. Look at his wikipedia page.

Ophelia from Shakespeare's "Hamlet." I will definitely cover Hamlet in the future. It is my favorite Shakespeare play thus far.

Mr. Rochester from "Jane Eyre." His character and his relationship with Jane Eyre raises all sorts of feminist topics, let alone the character of Jane Eyre herself. Most of the photos are from the most recent BBC mini-series starring Toby Stephens - of all the Jane Eyre adaptations I've seen, and I've seen many, he's the best both in sexiness and in accurateness.

This is a collage of me over the years. Most of them within the last four or so years with a couple toddler/ childhood ones thrown in. None of them are really recent. I purposely included some less flattering ones.

Cher. Moonstruck. 'Nuff Said.

Miscellaneous images.

My Mermaid Collage. Will be making many, many posts on Mermaids and the Culture and History of Mermaids in the future. I am a Mermaid Girl. In fact, the night before last I dreamed I WAS a mermaid and it wasn't the first time!

Howl's Moving Castle a Miyazaki Movie. LOVE it. The original book by Diana Wynne Jone's also good, though different. The guy? A weenie. The girl? A Tower of Strength.

Males and Females (including Roald Dahl,the activist Harriet Beecher-Stowe? might be getting her confused with someone else, Jacqueline Du Pre, Caravaggio and Da Vinci paintings, my favorite painting ever Da Vinci's "The Lady with an Ermine," Casals, Brenda Ueland (reccommend her book "If You Want to Write"), Emperor Hirohito, and a painting that is under debate as to being of Jane Austen)

Illustrations from Andrew Lang's Color Fairy Books.

Illustrations from Andrew Lang's color fairy books.

Disney's Animated "The Little Mermaid" images I had BEFORE I started my magnum opus - which I have not finished yet thus it has not been posted yet.

Da Vinci Portraits of Women.

All black and white photos from second row down are from on old all-girls' school. Forget where I found the images.

I love the Tarzan spoof!

WOMEN! Not all of them are...

Amazing. I love all of these images. There is some Picasso in this.

Botticelli Madonna and Child's.

That big furry wet mammal is a Capybara, the largest rodent. The top left corner image is a baby horseshoe crab. Two of my favorite animals. The Platypus is still #1 though.

Made this into a bookmark for my little sister's birthday a couple years back. The document is called "Women." The famous painting on the bottom left corner is supposed to be looking up at the painting of Eve on the top right corner. Thus, the viewer is invited to interpret her face!

I play Cello, remember?

Botticelli and Da Vinci, my two favorite artists EVAR.

Botticelli Botticelli Botticelli.

1995 BBC miniseries Adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

I will probably post some of these collages again in future posts that are pertinent relevant and such, but in the mean time, I'm making much more.

P.S. Haha I just realized that I opened my 2nd Wizard of Oz post with the resolution to make no more promises - and that I ended it by making a promise... that yet again I didn't keep! XD

P.P.S. Wizard of Oz Part 2 was not the end. Wizard of Oz Part 3 is saved as a Draft almost finished but not yet! So, something to look forward to.


  1. Your collages are breathtaking Jo. And I KNOW I'm going to need that "Julie and Julia" one at some point for moral support.

    Ack! Your gorgeous Trina Schart Hyman collage reminds me...I should blog about her tooooo!!!!! Agh!

  2. Hey Jo. I love all these collages! I can't pick a favorite! The capybara one? The cello one? Toulouse Lautrec? Ophelia? Mermaids? Aaaahhhh!!!!