Monday, January 18, 2010

Wizard of Oz SPOOFS!!!!

We hear he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was!

- Hey my audience demographic!
Didn't have much time for blogging today - had my first cello student in at least a half year! So exciting.

Soooo I shall post some of my favorite Wizard of Oz spoofs! There are a million out there, of course.

Satire can be scary. I personally am always afraid to watch satirical skits because I am afraid it will change the way I see the original work, or it will make me not like the original work at all, or "damn now every time I see that scene I'll think of this junk." Also, there is the component of good satire and bad satire. Some stuff makes a point or draws onto an aspect you overlooked or alerts you to the mindset of the story by starkly contrasting it with the mindset of the present times, and that is why we really put up with satire. With that in mind, I submit these videos and the above cartoon.

- The cartoon above suits my cynicism exactly. I love Dorothy, but this spoof almost makes me love Dorothy more! Golden. Absolutely Golden. Just my kind of thing!


"Yeah sort of a weird comment right in front of all of us;" I especially enjoyed this because this part of the movie always used to bother me. I was so concerned for the feelings of the Tin Man and the Lion my parents had to explain to me again and again that they hadn't heard it. Only since my obsessive re-watching did I realize that she says it in his ear. PLUS, she has known him much longer than the others and he is the most anthropomorphized so it makes sense.

The Wizard of Oz's presents were kind of lame. But of course, that was the point. They received no real empowerment from Man #1 in the story - at least, Dorothy didn't!

My favorite one. "When the tinman discovered he was gay."
Spoiler: "Oh oh look what happened by accident" - I love how I just placed a spoiler right under the video so it is impossible NOT to read it haha!

O, and this is really bad quality but I just LOVE Simpsons opening sequences!!!!! (I'm more of a Simpsons girl than an admirer of Family Guy, truth be told):

I've made a MUCH better quality youtube video of this simpsons couch gag, but of course therefore the embedding was disabled... and then that youtube account was deleted... to view without killing your eyes, try this embedding that will hopefully work:

I call it: "The Reverse Wizard of Oz"]

O MY GOODNESS I skipped over this one at first because the animation in the thumbnail was so bad, but it makes satirical points that are in none of the others. (Make sure and watch till the end.)

Also, check this baby out. Again, just my style. The middle picture, of course, being the funniest.

A similar "alternate ending" skit that is moderately well-known is the madTV routine. I'm not going to embed this, because though some moments are laugh-out-loud funny, I just don't find other moments very funny. There is funny vulgar, and there is trying-too-hard vulgar, if you know what I mean. However I will provide the link if you are curious.

[... and, I'm adding this MONTHS later (it is Wed. July 28th) but I've come upon a magnificent 30-sec bunny spoof of the Wizard of Oz!

Love! - Especially hilarious: Toto has bunny ears too! XD - Had to include it.]

[... AND, it's now August 23rd, but I HAVE to include this utterly ridiculous Phineas and Ferb Wizard of Oz spoof episode, "Wizard of Odd." I have recently become very much a hard core fan of this show!

Phineas and Ferb + Perry the Platypus + The Wizard of Oz = The Best Spoof Ever. "And your little Platypus, too" made my life. ]

And now, though it's Tues. March 8th, 2011, I've GOT to include Futurama's version of Wizard of Oz, not only because the ruby "boots" exactly resemble Phineas and Ferb's (it's a coincidence. Leela's character always wears boots like that) but also because I love these characters SO MUCH - the only thing wanting was to see them in Wizard of Oz form.

Futurama Episode 18 Season 3, "Anthology Of Interest" - Leela Asks the What-If Machine a question about what it would be like to fit in and instead blacks out and has a dream that "resemble[s] what is legally distinct from" the Wizard of Oz.

I love that Leela decides she wants to be a witch instead - in her words: "as long as I get to hurt people and not just dance around at the equinox." Some things are more important that feeling at home, apparently.

I also like that this version emphasizes the poverty and sort of life Dorothy would be returning to - life in the middle of nowhere! HAha! But no in all seriousness Dorothy made the right choice... *cough*

Okay, so, signing off. Wizard of Oz part three coming soon!

-Just call me Jo


  1. JEEEESUS! This was a good blog entry. SO funny! ...I've always wondered about that whole "oh, you had the power ALL along! you just wouldn't have what? I...oh. Sorry. I did kind of come floating down from the sky in a rather bubbly pink manner, didn't I. You were in a state of mind to believe anything...awkward."

    That's how I feel that scene could ALSO have panned out. At least it has in my head a few times.

  2. Yes that idea is in the MadTV skit. Though instead of Glinda saying it, Dorothy does. Come to think of it, it is funnier Glinda saying "oops you would have believed me because of the bubbly trick" because its a member of the actual fantasy world realizing the logic of the "real" world.

  3. Regarding your screen capture (that you end this post with): I love how every frame of that movie is so well balanced and artistic that it can stand alone as a portrait.

    I agree with you about satires, or in fact any spoofing of a movie that I love. I had a friend always sing "If I only had a ____" with a crass word substitution that I still have trouble getting out of my head. This did not enhance my enjoyment of the movie any! These that you picked are funny though, because they are things I have thought of, especially Glinda saying "you had the ability to get home all along (or whatever her exact words were)!" I always thought I'd just get angry if I were Dorothy.