Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Female Person Power Post!

(I apologize for calling you peeps)

Another Periodic Montage! Yay!

(Koe Halifax... Click image for insanely good quality enlargement.)

My female person power posts will essentially be videos and/ or anything else that displays accomplishments/ anything else that women do that I admire. Power to the Women!

I'm using the term "female person" instead of "woman" in the title/ tag because my focus will not really be on women. WHAT? The reader exclaims. BUT YOU JUST SAID IT WAS!!!!!

Well, my focus will be on PEOPLE. Specifically, female people.

Haha, the reader says. Not so funny.

Well, I'm making the distinction because WHEN I talk about these women, it will not always be with reference to feminism. I might just be talking about something cool someone did. I might NOT write about feminism in my closing paragraph, you dig? My type of feminism is a type that doesn't have to self-declare itself (despite the fact that I felt compelled to write a written blog). My type of feminism sometimes just means that I admire things [some] women do (not all the time, mind you haha).

I'm starting out more personally, with people that I know. My friends!

Mermaid Girl (known to most as Emma) singing Schubert with a pow-power voice!!!!

Koe Halifax (writer of Koetry by Koe Halifax) my little sis won 2nd place on her High School Gaming Night!!!!

Kelsique posted a response to a Gregory Gorgeous Tutorial. I pretty much never wear makeup, not because of principle - just laziness and lack of full incentive :) - here is a link to a post on Kelsique's blog both about Gregory Gorgeous but also about her teaching me/ putting on me (also putting on herself) a Gregory Gorgeous tutorial inspired look as a sort of tribute but also for FUN: Me and Makeup First Time since I was a Little Ballerina - look to the bottom of the post if you are purely interested in the part of us wearing makeup haha

Message I am trying to Send: Celebration of Women!!!! Pretty Simple.

-Jo Bingo
P.S. I am not saying that girls so rarely do something great that I need to post it to prove it, or that it is so miraculous that girls do something great, OR that guys don't do awesome shit. However, this IS a feminist blog. Sorry, male guy dudes, but that's that.

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